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Real Estate Geofencing Technology

Real Estate  Geofence Technology uses a mobile device’s physical location to trigger targeted advertising based around a pre-defined geographical location. A powerful and effective tool, geofencing helps Real Estate agents target ads to a specific audience based on the user’s physical location. Real Estate professionals use geofencing to target Competitor's Listings, Model Homes, and Open Houses.

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Target By Location


Send ads to potential buyers currently in an open house, a particular model home, a neighborhood, or within radial proximity around other listings e.g. Entice buyers in an open house to visit a particular listing.

On Premise Targeting

Send ads to people in nearby areas that show high visitation frequency to a particular store or location. This proprietary technology can be thought of as a store's "trade area" or as "look alike audiences". e.g. Send ads to people in areas that index high for visiting a particular store.


Send ads to consumers in selected states, DMA's, Cities, Zip Codes, or in radial fences around specific addresses or coordinates. e.g. Serve ads to people at an Event, Festival or voting districts


Commercial Real Estate 

Send ads to potential buyers currently searching for commercial real estate and around other listings.

e.g. Serve ads to people passing commercial properties within 24hrs.

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