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Guide to Restaurant Social Media Marketing

At Alephtech2020 we understand that a good restaurant digital marketing strategy can help bring customers to your venue. This is because social media is an important tool people use to make purchasing decisions. This is especially true when it comes to choosing where to eat⁠—people love sharing and searching for photos of food. In fact, according to TouchBistro, 41% of people have decided to eat at a specific restaurant based entirely on positive social media feedback. This means it’s crucial for restaurants to have a strategy for how to use these platforms to attract customers. Even if you aren’t a social media expert, taking small steps such as setting up your profiles can make a big difference to how much exposure you gain in the online world. In this article, we’ll look at what you need to do to nail your restaurant’s social media marketing. Step One: Build Your Restaurant’s Social Media Marketing Presence First, set up your restaurant’s social media accounts on the platforms most used by your customers or the people you want to attract. Facebook and Instagram are the core social media platforms for most restaurants. If you think it will help reach your audience, consider making a Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, or YouTube account. How to Set Up Your Restaurant’s Facebook Profile With over 2.4 billion users worldwide, Facebook is the most widely used social platform. It’s a key part of any social media strategy. What’s more, reports suggest that over half of consumers have used social networks to discover new businesses.

The good news is that Facebook makes it easy for restaurants to set up a business page. It’s also completely free to get set up. You just need to click on “Create a Page” and then fill out the profile with all the information your customers might need. The above image is of Manchester-based restaurant Gusto. It’s an example of a great restaurant Facebook page.

Alephtech2020 New Orleans Digital Marketing
Gusto Facebook Page

On its profile, Gusto includes:

  • Opening hours

  • Address

  • Website URL

  • Phone number and other contact details

  • Menu and information about the food—including images

  • When it’s likely to be busy

  • Customer reviews

Even if you rarely post to your page, having one with up-to-date information will ensure you show up when people search for your restaurant on Facebook. If you optimize your page well you may also show up for more general terms like “[your location] restaurant.” How to Set Up Your Restaurant’s Instagram Profile Instagram is another hugely popular platform for restaurant social media marketing. It’s also a great social platform for restaurants, as people love to share beautiful photos of food and social events. Like Facebook, Instagram can have a strong influence on purchasing decisions. A study run by UK-based Italian food chain Zizzi found that 30% of 18 to 35 year-olds would avoid a restaurant if its Instagram presence was weak. An Instagram business page looks almost the same as a regular profile on the platform. However, business profiles have access to advanced statistics about posts.

Alephtech2020 Digital Marketing New Orleans
ShakeShack IG Page

The burger restaurant ShakeShack has an excellent Instagram profile. It features a short bio that tells the customer more about the restaurant, and there is also a link to the website so customers can find out more about the company and order food online. ShakeShack also makes good use of Instagram stories. It has nine stories pinned to the profile, each one containing more information about different products and initiatives. The downside to Instagram as a social media marketing tool is that you can only add a link to your profile in the biography section, not on individual posts. Rather than directing users to your homepage, consider pointing them towards the most important part of your website. For example, your page for online reservations, online food ordering, or downloading your app. CONTACT US TODAY FOR YOUR FREE SOCIAL MEDIA EVALUATION

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